Education Schedule

Here is the Education Schedule produced for the Nambour General Hospital DEM. You are free to use it as you wish.

Week NumberDateTopicCoordinator
17th August 2014Resuscitation & Anaesthetics 1
214th August 2014Resuscitation & Anaesthetics 2
321st August 2014Cardiology 1
428th August 2014Cardiology 2
54th September 2014Toxicology 1
611th September 2014Toxicology 2
718th September 2014Laboratory Medicine
825th September 2014Trauma & Burns 1
92nd October 2014Trauma & Burns 2
109th October 2014Respiratory Medicine
1116th October 2014Neurology & Gastroenterology
1223rd October 2014Renal & Endocrine
1330th October 2014Infectious Diseases
146th November 2014Orthopaedics
1513th November 2014Surgery & Urology
1620th November 2014Neurosurgery & Radiology
1727th November 2014Surgical Subspecialties
184th December 2014Haematology & Rheumatology
1911th December 2014O&G and Dermatology
2018th December 2014Paediatrics 1
2125th December 2014CANCELLED
221st January 2015CANCELLED
238th January 2015Paediatrics 2
2415th January 2015Environmental
2522nd January 2015Psychiatry
2629th January 2015Administration
275th February 2015Disaster & Pre-Hospital
2812th February 2015Revision
2919th February 2015Revision
3026th February 2015Fellowship Written Exam

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