Resus. & Anaes. 1 ~ Extended Matching

Question 1.

For each arrest scenario select the most appropriate deviation from the standard cardiac arrest protocol

Options List

A. 3 stacked shocks

B. Bilateral finger thoracostomies

C. Emergency department thoracotomy

D. Emergency department thoracotomy and pericardiotomy

E. Extracorporeal rewarming

F. Fibrinolytic therapy and continue CPR for at least 30 minutes before terminating resuscitation

G. Fibrinolytic therapy and continue CPR for at least 10 minutes before terminating resuscitation

H. Hyperbaric oxygen

I. IV Anti-digoxin Fab

J. IV Hydroxocobalamin

K. Place in left lateral tilt position

L. Place in right lateral tilt position

Question 1 ~ Stem 1

A 34 year old man is brought in by ambulance after being stabbed in the left side of the chest. FAST scan shows pericardial fluid. Minutes after arriving in ED he goes into cardiac arrest.

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 Answer = D 

Question 1 ~ Stem 2

A 28 year old woman who is 37 weeks pregnant is brought into ED in cardiac arrest.

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 Answer = K 

Question 1 ~ Stem 3

A 47 year old woman has presented to ED with acute onset of shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain. She is hypotensive and a bedside ultrasound shows an enlarged right ventricle. She arrests in ED.

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 Answer = F 

Question 1 ~ Stem 4

A 56 year old man is in your resuscitation bay diagnosed with an anterior STEMI. He has defibrillator pads and full monitoring on and is just about to go to the cath lab. He arrests.

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 Answer = A 

Author: J Haire


Question 2.

For each drug select the side-effect.

Options List

A. Ataxia

B. Bradycardia

C. Histamine release

D. Increased risk of haematological malignancy

E. Methaemoglobinaemia

F. Myoclonic jerks

G. Rigid chest syndrome

H. Skin necrosis if given intra-arterially


Question 2 ~ Stem 1


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 Answer = F 

Question 2 ~ Stem 2


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 Answer = B 

Question 2 ~ Stem 3


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 Answer = H 

Question 2 ~ Stem 4


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 Answer = G 

Question 2 ~ Stem 5


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 Answer = A 

Author: J Haire


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