Paeds. 1 ~ Extended Matching

Question 1.

Options List

A.) Appendicitis

B.) Colic

C.) Constipation

D.) Gastroenteritis

E.) Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

F.) Incarcerated hernia

G.) Intussusception

H.) Malrotation and volvulus

 I.) Necrotising Enterocolitis


Lead-in Statement

For each presentation select the most likely diagnosis



  1. A 23 month of boy presents with intermittent colicky pain for the last 12 hours. During these episodes he cries, draws up his legs and appears pale. In the last few hours he has started to vomit.

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Answer: G


  1. A 3 month old girl presents with bilious vomiting and irritability. On exam she is pale, listless, has a central capillary refill time of 4s and a diffusely tender distended abdomen.

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Answer: H


  1. A 6 year old boy presents with a 24 hour history of lower limb rash and painful knees and ankles. Today he is complaining of abdominal pain and started to vomit. On exam he has a palpable purpuric rash on his lower legs, swollen ankles and knees and a soft but diffusely mildly tender abdomen.

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Answer: E


  1. A 1 week old girl presents with poor feeding and lethargy. On exam she is listless, has a central capillary refill time of 4s and a distended tense abdomen.

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Answer: I


Author: J Haire

Ref: Tintinalli 839-46


Question 2.

Options List

A.) 1 year old

B.) 3 years old

C.) 5 years old

D.) 7 years old

E.) 9 years old

F.) 11 years old

G.) 13 years old

H.) 15 years old


Lead-in Statement

For each x-ray pick select the most likely age of the child




Paedia Pix 1 EM

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Answer: C



Paedia Pix 2 EM

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Answer: A



Paedia Pix 3 EM

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Answer: F


Author: J Haire

Ref: Tintinalli p. 898



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