ID ~ Extended Matching

Question 1

Options List

A.)  Adenovirus

B.)  Cytomegalovirus

C.)  Epstein-Barr virus

D.)  Herpes simplex 1 virus

E.)  Herpes simplex 2 virus

F.)  Influenza A virus

G.)  Rotavirus

H.)  Varicella zoster virus


Lead-in Statement

For each presentation select the most likely virus.



  1. 4A 38 year old woman who is 2 weeks post renal transplant presents with fever, abdominal pain, decreased urine output and confusion

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Answer: B


  1. 2A10 year old boy presents with a history of fever, malaise, headache and loss of appetite 5 days ago. 2 days ago he developed vesicular rash in places over his trunk. Today his parents have noted he is stumbling and appears dizzy.

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Answer: H


  1. 1A 4 day old girl presents with fever, poor feeding, lethargy and drowsiness. Her lumbar puncture shows a lymphocytosis.

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Answer: E


  1. 3A 17 year old girl presents with fever and sore throat for the last 2 days. She is now having difficulty swallowing and has a white exudate covering her tonsils.

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Answer: C

Author: J Haire

Ref: Tintinalli p.1024-30


Question 2.

Options List

A.)  Chancroid

B.)  Chlamydia

C.)  Genital warts

D.)  Lymphogranuloma venereum

E.)  Gonococcus

F.)  Human immunodeficiency virus

G.)  Trichomonas vaginalis

H.)  Syphilis


Lead-in statement

For each scenario and picture select the most likely sexually transmitted infection


1. A 34 year old man presents with fever, malaise and a hot, swollen painful joint. He has these lesions on his hands:

Infectious Disease Photo 1  Extended

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Answer: E

2. A 27 year old female presents with 1 week of low grade pelvic pain, dyspareunia, dysuria and this malodorous vaginal discharge.

Infectious Disease Photo 2 Extended


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Answer: G

3. A 28 year old man presented 1 month ago with this painless lesion on his penis. He now has this rash.

Infectious Disease Photo 3 Extended

Infectious disease Photo 4 extended


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Answer: H

4. A 36 year old man presents with this painful lesion on his penis. It started out as a red lesion and now looks like this. He has also noted swelling in his groin.

Infectious Disease Photo 5 extended


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Answer: A

Author: J Haire

Ref: Tintinalli p.989-99






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